Product Warranty Certificate

We, Solid Green Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd., hereby assure the client that the aforementioned product(s) produced under the SOLID Brand in Malaysia will perform to its optimum state and is technically sound according to its respective Technical Data Sheet(s). The product(s) produced have a specific shelf life and must be used before the shelf life expires or else the product(s) may not perform up to its optimum state. Hence, the every product’s warranty is positively correlated to the shelf life of the respective product. This warranty is non transferable and is subject to the following clauses upon application;

  • Damages: This warranty will cease if any intentional damage, alteration, extension, repair work has been done by the client.
  • This warranty has been given for fair usage of substance(s), any changed in use will cease the warranty.
  • This warranty will cease in case of any natural calamity like earthquake, floods, cyclone, etc.
  • This warranty supercedes all the other commitment (verbal or written) in any form.