SOLID’s Performance Warranty Specifications

In the event that any leakage shall occur in the concrete treated with (PRODUCT NAME IN DETAIL) waterproofing materials within a period of (10 YEARS) from the date of application, Solid Green Tech Solutions Sdn. Bhd. will replace an equivalent amount of materials necessary to treat any affected area. The above provision is providing that the leakage takes place through the previously treated (with Solid Green Tech’s Waterproofing Materials) concrete and that we receive your notice in writing within 7 days of any apparent leakage through the previously treated (PRODUCT USED) concrete. Solid Green Tech, under this warranty, assumes the role of a manufacturer and an applicator.

This guarantee only applies to leakages through the concrete treated by Solid Green Tech’s Waterproofing Materials and not through adjacent structures or at the interface of different materials. We will not be liable for leakage resulting from a change in the properties or function of the concrete from that which was different from that at the time of original application including concrete deterioration or cracking for whatever reason.

Solid Green Tech will not be responsible for any leakage taking place through any adjacent part of the building or structure not treated or for any water seepage through cracks resulting from subsequent structural settlement or movement, thermal movement, steel corrosion, alkali-aggregate reaction or drying shrinkage or any other causes not related to the concrete condition at the time of the original application.

Solid Green Tech’s shall not be liable to make good any damage caused directly by lightening, earthquake, fire or civil commotion or by any defect in the substructure or structure of the building caused by any malicious or careless act of yourself, your servants or your tenants.

The warranty shall be subject to the further exclusions (as follows);

  1. Structural Movements
  2. Fire, Act of God and or any other acts of Malice
  3. Cracks and/or Defective Structure
  4. Misuse of the Material or structure, whether intentional or not
  5. Alteration, addition and/or repairs to that part of the building in which the material are used without the company’s previous knowledge and approvals.
  6. Lack of cleanliness causing blockage of water outlets & usage of any highly acid-based chemical treatments on the surface.
  7. The warranty shall be deemed null and void IF the payment is withheld under any circumstances by the client.