Paint Warranty


SOLID Paints Sdn. Bhd. (herein after called SOLID) as Paint supplier, hereby warrants that for a period of seven (7) years, the paint system as recommended and listed in Schedule 1 would not be affected by the following defects:

  • Peeling / Flaking – This condition is manifested when the paint film peels away or detaches from substrate.
  • Cracking – This condition is manifested by any visible cracking on the paint film other than that caused by plastering cracks.

Dirt stains which can be washed off by water jetting and light scuffing is not considered as fungus/ algae infestation.

1.1 Allowance must be made for gradual degradation of paint film from normal ‘wear’ based on the elapse of time.

1.2 This warranty and liability is expressly limited to SOLID shall at their cost to undertake and make good all defective areas of coating system premature failure during the seven ( 7) years warranty period. Claims for incidental or consequential damages resulting from a breach of this warranty are specially excluded.


2.1 – The warranty shall not cover defects caused directly or indirectly by any one or more of the factors defined below. Such defects will not qualify for claims under the warranty and shall be deemed invalid claims.
2.1.1 – Usage of interior material or Sub standard and/ or defective workmanship in the execution of work .
2.1.2 – Damage of the coated surface caused by vandalism or by heavy impact, fire, natural calamities, ’Act of God’ or normal wear and tear.
2.1.3 – Uniform or even color change.
2.1.4 – Surface deposition of fungus, dirt or any contaminant that can be removed through period cleaning. Fungus and algae growth can be washed off is classified as a foreign layer deposited on the paint film.
2.1.5 – Defects arising from work (alteration/extension)carried out onto the so affected areas of building without the prior written consent of SOLID Paints.
2.1.6 – Trace difference in color or texture on new materials being supplied for repair work against previous material.


3.1 – Any defects claims should be made in writing and delivered by post or by hand to the Marketing Department, SOLID Paints Sdn. Bhd. (1018765-P) Lot 772(10-14), Jalan Subang 4 Kaw Perindrustian Sg Penaga 46720, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
3.2 – A technical team will be dispatched to evaluate the nature of the claim. Should their findings conclude the defects as within the scope of warranty as defined under” WARRANTY”, SOLID Paints Sdn. Bhd. without limitations, shall arrange and mobilize manpower, paints, and or etc associate requirements to make good and repaint all the affected areas all at SOLID cost.
3.3 – Should our technical team conclude that the defects falls under the “ Exclusion Of Product Warranty” or other factors alien to the scope of warranty, SOLID Paints Sdn. Bhd. Shall then notify the owner and architect accordingly.


Periodic cleaning of the exterior surface is essential to maintain the aesthetic and durability at the coating system. Atmospheric dirt in the air can accumulate on flat areas like top of parapet, edges and ledges and with presence of rainwater, unsightly streak marks may be visible on light colors. Over passage of the time, the
accumulation of dirt and organic matter together with high moisture can promote the growth of algae although the paint film are still sound and intact.

The frequency of cleaning should preferably at least 12 ( twelve) months interval depending environmental position.

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Wash away loose dirt, dust and other contaminants with mild detergent (3% to 5% dilution) or clean water.
  • Apply SOLID Fungicidal Wash and allow to stand overnight.
  • Clean away the fungicidal wash with clean water.
5. SCHEDULE 1 ( The Painting System)

Surface Preparation
To Obtain the maximum performance for which all paints/surface coating are formulated, strict adherence to good surface preparation is a necessity.

New concrete should be allowed to dry until moisture content is below 12% as measured with Portimeter, which usually takes about 2 – 4 weeks after plastering subject to the weather conditions. The presence as form release agents and laitance deposits on new plastering must be considered and thoroughly removed before painting.

All areas subject to water leakage or excessive / constant moisture affected areas shall be corrected by covering up or water proofing the source of areas causing the problems.