Universal Silicon Based Water Repellent

SOLIDSEAL is a ready to use, silane siloxane based repellent which penetrates in concrete or cementitious substrates pores, providing an effective water repellent protective coating. Its UV resistant properties makes the film durable for outdoor use. The use of silicone retards or prevents changes in the surface appearance by resisting the deterioration effects occurs due to atmospheric attack. Due to its excellent water repellent properties, dirt and other atmospheric impurities are washed off by rain and its clean appearance is maintained for a longer period. Also, SOLIDSEAL prolongs the clear appearance of buildings and minimises efflorescence.

Easily applied water repellent treatment
Excellent water repellent
Excellent resistant to UV light


SOLIDSEAL is suitable for external application to exterior walls of brick or concrete blocks, cement renderings, asbestos cement, concrete and all types of stone, including limestone. Also used as an injection damp coarse fluid and provides a durable barrier to water penetration of porous surfaces.

Brick wall
Cement renderings
Asbestos cement

Packing / Coverage

Packing: 5 & 20 liter Coverage: 0.2 liter / m² / coat

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg

5kg, 20kg

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