SOLIDSeal BA (Bonding Agent)



Acrylic Emulsion Cement Modifier and Concrete Bonding Agent

SOLIDSEAL BA is a highly specialized acrylic co-polymeric compound designed for use with cement compositions. It is used in mortar and concrete as an admixture to increase resistance to ingress of moisture / water, wear resistance and durable material. It is used with cement as a reliable water resistant bonding agent. It can be used as a recommended primer for concrete repair systems.

Improves flexibility
Good abrasion resistance
Good resistance to many chemicals as well as mineral oil
Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete


SOLIDSEAL BA is used for bonding concrete repair, floor screeds and topping, renders and mortars, fixing brick slips and tiles, protection of steel from corrosion. Also used to give good bonding strength between steel and cement.


Packing / Coverage

Packing: 5 & 20 liter Coverage: 0.2 kg / m² / coat

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Additional information

Weight N/A

5L, 20L


100, 200, 300

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