SOLIDMix Crystalline



Crystalline Integral Capillary Waterproofing Admixtures

SOLIDMIX CRYSTALLINE is an integral crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete. It is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching.

SOLIDMIX CRYSTALLINE consists of portland cement very fine treated silica and special additives. These special additives react with the moisture in fresh concrete with the by products of cement hydration to cause a catalytic reaction, which generates a non soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete. Thus the concrete becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquids from any deterioration due to harsh environmental condition.

Reduce penetration of water and other liquids
Allows concrete to breathe
Seals hairline cracks
Highly resistant to aggresive chemicals


Water treatment plant
Parking structure


Packing: 25 kg HDPE bag

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Weight 25 kg

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