SOLIDFlex FBR (Fibre Based Reinforcement)



A Trowel Applied Single Pack Fibre Reinforced Water Resistant Cementitious Render

SOLIDFLEX FBR is a fibre reinforced prepacked cementitious water resistant render which is to be troweled up to required thickness (recommended thickness 10 ~ 15 mm), normally to be used in conjunction with SOLIDFLEX CW as a primer.

Ready to use – Only precise quantity of water to be added
Can resist hydrostatic pressures
Compensates the shrinkage and ensures perfect bonding
Increases compressive and tensile strength


SOLIDFLEX FBR is used for protection of all structures, terrace slabs, basements, water tanks, foundations, retaining walls, swimming pools, bridges, lift shafts, tunnels, dock gates, dams, reservoirs etc.

Retaining wall
Swimming pool

Packing / Coverage

Packing: 25 kg HDPE bag Coverage: 1.5 m² / 11 liter at 10 mm thickness

Download Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

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