SOLIDFlex BituPrime



Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Coating

SOLIDFLEX BITUPRIME is an emulsified rubber modified bitumen coating, which dries to form a tough, seamless, flexible vapor proof protective coating. SOLIDFLEX BITUPRIME can be used for variety of applications including protective coating on concrete foundations, curing compound on freshly cast concrete structures, dampproof membrane in sandwich constructions and vapor proof barrier coating for interior and exterior floors and walls.

Single component, easy to apply
Good resistance against chlorides and sulphate ions
Has good adhesion to most building substrates
Seamless / joint free


Concrete foundation
Concrete structure
Exterior wall
Interior wall

Packing / Coverage

Packing: 20 liter Coverage: 0.4 kg / m² / coat

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg

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