SOLID FairPlast IP



Water Resistant Plaster Additive

SOLID FAIRPLAST IP is supplied as ready to use powder which should be dried mix in mortar. It introduces air into mortar in the form of extremely fine and evenly dispersed bubbles. This entrained air imparts improved workability which due to the stability of the tiny bubbles, prevents premature stiffening. In the hardened mortar these minute bubbles provide a cautionary effect in screeds and renders. Capillary channels are also made discontinuous by the formation of the bubbles, thus reducing the penetration of water. Use of SOLID FAIRPLAST IP in mortar creates economical workability. This removes the use of workability enhancing agents like lime.

Prolonged workability, ease to handle mortar
Reduces mortar droppings from surface
Reduces drying shrinkage cracks
Chloride free and hence no risk of corrosion


SOLID FAIRPLAST IP is suitable for use with sand / cement plaster where it is required to reduce permeability. It can also be used in external plastering of roof and balcony screeds, plastering of basements and tanks, external masonry walls.

Exterior wall


Packing: 200 gm

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

200g, 1 box (200g x 125 pouches)

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