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Extending The Lifetime of Wooden Surfaces

SOLID EVERWOOD has the ability to extend the lifetime of most wooden structures and elements through hardening, preserving, sealing and waterproofing. SOLID EVERWOOD will improve the durability of timber against fungus, mold and insect damage. It harden the surface, increasing both strength and abrasion resistance. SOLID EVERWOOD will not alter the texture or other physical characteristics of the wooden surface to which it is applied. It also provides a prepared surface for better bonding of varnish, stains, paint and mastics. SOLID EVERWOOD is highly effective and versatile in a wide range of commercial, industrial and residental applications. SOLID EVERWOOD helps wood retain its natural color much longer.

One coat application
Retards fungus, molding, rotting and warping
Non-toxic, environmentally and ecological friendly


SOLID EVERWOOD has hundreds of possible applications both commercially and domestically. Virtually any wooden structure from a building frame to patio furniture will benefit from SOLID EVERWOOD. Other applications include log homes, decks, basements, window boxes, window and door frames, cedar siding, cedar shakes, cedar shingles, fences, kitchen countertops, cutting boards, planting tubs and storage sheds to name but a few. It’s made of wood, chances are it would benefit from SOLID EVERWOOD.

Timber flooring
Wood frame
Wooden furniture

Packing / Coverage

Packing: 1, 5 & 20 liter Coverage: 10 m² / liter

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1L, 5L, 20L

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