Our Product

Industrial Flooring

SolidFloor Hardener

Hardwearing, Abrasion Resistant Monolithic Industrial Flooring Component

Solid CPS

High Performance Hardener, Strengthener and Densifier for Concrete Floor

SolidFloor Underlayment

One Part Self Leveling Underlayment

SolidFloor Top Finish

High Strength Cementitious Self Leveling Compound

Solid EP Prime

A Solvent Free, Two Part Epoxy Primer

SolidGard EM

A Three Component Epoxy Mortar Screed

SolidFloor EP (S)

Solvented High Build Protective and Decorative Coating for Concrete Floors and Walls

SolidFloor PU

High Strength Protective and Decorative Polyurethene (PU) Coating

SolidFloor PU (AS)

Super Abrasion Resistant Solvent Based Polyurethane Coating